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In need of a little lash instant gratification? With the week filled with putting your best face forward at a plethora of events, we decided to do a little pampering at our go-to salon RJ Miller! What we found from beauty esthetician Ambre Levy has changed the way we look at ourselves… and she even gave us a little skincare 101 when it comes to the ultimate end of summer product that will change the way you look at your face!
get beautyFULL with Ambre!
1. Lash Lift
want to look more awake? Who doesn’t! The LASH LIFT with Ambre is an hour spa treatment with some serious instant gratification with a last lift!

even Miss blACKbook got in on the Lash Lift action! This easy spa treatment has brightened her eyes and made it so she doesn’t need to even wear mascara… now that’s ideal beach beauty in our book!

2. Lash Extensions

in search for a fresh way to get those dramatic eyes without all the makeup? Look no further then lash extensions with Ambre! She’s able to make it so you’ll never have to put mascara on and your lids will be looking ever so gorgeous thanks to this spa treatment! They’ll stay in indefinitely with routine fill-ins every two or three weeks and are the perfect way to make your lashes stand out!


loads of sun and sand and surf made your skin in need of a little R&R? Get yourself in for a facial with Ambre! as a veteran skincare specialist, Ambre is able to take you in and get your skin looking healthy and pretty again … she is filled with great knowledge when it comes to how to take care of your skin and put your best face forward!

4. The Post Summer Beauty Product Must Haves
Ambre is an ambassador for SyllyS of Switzerland. Ambre stresses that SyllyS is a natural skin care line with no parabens, no sulfates, no fragrance , and no animal testing! Swiss inspired, but made in the USA, Ambre says it’s just a great overall clean and simple skin care line for all! (And a skincare line that truly makes a difference in the way that your skin looks and feels!) She gave us the inside scoop on the two must have products after a summer in the sun…

Wake up to a radiance that glows with youthfulness! An advanced level of pure Vitamin C that improves skin clarity and gives a pronounced toning and firming effect. It helps reinforce the skins natural defense against aging, while restoring luminosity. Contains super anti-oxidants to help repair and brighten skin. It is also an excellent eye treatment to firm, counteract crows feet and puffiness.

AMBRE SAYS: After cleansing and toning morning and/or night apply the vitamin C and let it sit a couple minutes before applying your moisturizer. Remember you can use it around your eye area as well (same with the lipids). Its great for crows feet and it is a preventative for those who don’t have them!

A complete exfoliating treatment which utilizes very fine Aluminum Oxide Crystals that safely and effectively removes dead skin cells, creating an immediate visible improvement in the skins appearance. Fine lines, wrinkles, age-spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores are markedly minimized, leaving the skin glowing, brighter, retextured and silky smooth.


AMBRE SAYS: A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY just take a little teaspoon size and mix it with a little bit of water and rub on your face in circular motion for at least a minute. Its a really great exfoliating treatment, it uses the same very fine aluminum oxide crystals as in the professional microdermabrasion machines used in salons treating an immediate visible improvement in the skins appearance leaving it luminesce!

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