Get glowing skin with these 5 Simple Steps!

 Have you ever wondered how our busy life can affect our skin? Life is busy. Overwhelming even… sometimes to the point where we feel so attached to tasks, appointments, chores, and bills, we lose a sense of ourselves. This lifestyle can affect our emotional well-being, causing stress, depression, and anxiety which in turn affect the appearance of our skin.

 Our world has become so hectic that today we have an emerging field of medicine called psychodermatology, an area of study that focuses on the connections between our thoughts and skin health. One way to help prevent that from happening is to feel good about ourselves, self-care. We can easily start by taking care of ourselves on the outside which can have an immediate domino effect on our inside but more importantly why not take some true timeouts for ourselves so we can GLOW naturally?



Activate your Natural GLOW with these 5 Simple Steps!

1. Beauty Sleep. I love how WebMD defines it “sleep may be the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth” The reason being is when we sleep we find life-saving repair work in our bodies for the health and well being of our skin.
2. Make Time for Yourself. Clear your mind by finding time to think even if it’s only 5 minutes a day. Silence leads to positive hormones in our bodies and revitalizes us.
3. Practice Mindfulness. Incorporating 10 minutes a day of mindfulness can dramatically change the quality of your life and the quality of your skin. Techniques as simple as stepping outside, be quiet in nature, observe what you see around you; the sunshine, rain, heat, cold etc... Take it one step further and go bare feet, feel the grass. By practicing mindfulness we reduce our negative stress and our youth depleting habits that go with it, such as our diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns.
4. Move Daily. A simple 10-minute walk will do. This will reduce stress; it can help you feel better from the inside out resulting in a more radiant you.
5. Don’t Skip Your Skincare Routine. Be consistent even if it means simplifying your routine, your skin is better off than not doing it at all. Not only will it instantly make you feel better and reduce skin stress it can have a trigger effect to having a much better day and motivate you for additional self-care.

Time To GLOW!

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