About Us

SyllyS of Switzerland a family owned business by licensed estheticians, was established in 1984 by Sylvia and Bernard Levy. It was the first clinical skin care salon in Pompano Beach, Florida. In 2001, stemming from extensive Swiss experience, an exceptional line of skin care products began development our TimeSaver Beauty collection. For years it was first sold exclusively to SyllyS of Switzerland’s clientele, friends and family. Today it is available to everyone online.

We believe one of the many keys to beautiful skin is consistency with proven formulations and quality ingredients. We want to help you with your daily beauty routine by providing a skin care line that has the flexibility to be simple or complex depending on your needs and available time. All of SyllyS of Switzerland’s treatment serums and some facial creams are specifically formulated to be used on the eyes, face, neck and décolleté. Our line was created to multitask and provide multiple uses with just one product to help you save time and therefore negating the need to purchase a separate product for each area. Our products can be used individually for simplicity or layered for compounded benefits.

Our well being is just as important as the ingredients in our products. We believe in attaining the best possible results by keeping our ingredients to a minimum, clean and unsaturated using the latest technology. SyllyS of Switzerland products have a light consistency to absorb into the skin producing effective results. This direct delivery system allows active ingredients to reach deep into the skin where it is needed most. Your search ends here with this exceptional line of products.