GLOW - Concentrated Stable Vitamin C Face Serum

$ 79.00

Be that person who brights up the room, the one who shines, the one who strolls into a room glowing, and the room itself takes a full breath and exhales a loud sigh. For a moment time freezes, all eyes are on you the festivity fills with new dazzling energy. You literally lit up the room. You GLOW from inside out.

What it is:
A stable advanced level of concentrated Vitamin C. This unsaturated super anti-oxidant serum will repair help reinforce the skin's natural defense against aging while restoring luminosity.

A GLOWing Feature by:

What else you need to know:

Multitasking for You
Treat & Save More Time
* Improves glow, clarity, radiance * Face
* Fight & evens out skin discoloration
(such as sun-damage & hyperpigmentation)
* Eyes
* Stimulates collagen * Neck
* Improves toning & firming * Décolleté (chest area)
* Minimize fine lines & wrinkles
* Protect skin from environment factors
(such as the harms of UV rays & pollution)
* Anti-inflammatory
(can help clear up acne and reduce redness associated with it)
* Helps brightens dark circles
* Counteracts crow’s feet
* Helps reduce eye puffiness

What You Really Should Know About Vitamin C

Recommended Skin Types: For all skin types

Total Volume: 1oz/30ml

What a Few of our Customers are Saying:

For the first 2 weeks apply 1/2-1 full dropper to clean skin (face, neck, décolletage & eye area) A.M & P.M. After the first 2 weeks decrease usage to 1 time a day A.M. or P.M. Apply sparingly a little goes a long way. Follow with appropriate SyllyS of Switzerland moisturizer and sunscreen during the day.

Other Usage:
Eyes -  For sensitive skin we highly recommend to first start use on the ocular bone and slowly work up to treating the whole eye area.

Neck & Décolleté - Apply on clean skin AM and PM.

 GLOW is a clear liquid gel. Scent is slightly medicinal but dissipates as quickly as it penetrates your skin....
which is instantaneously.


Cruelty Free • Vegan • Paraben Free • Sulfate Free • Phthalates Free • Synthetic Fragrance-Free • Synthetic Color-Free