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What You Really Should Know About Vitamin C

 At the first sign of a cold many of us reach for 🍊 Vitamin C for its antioxidants, but does the oral consumption give any benefit to our skin?
Unfortunately, not much. Taking both will definitely maximize benefits but little reaches skin.
The important thing to know about topical 🍊 Vitamin C is in order to receive all the many wonderful benefits it provides, such as the improvement of fine lines, wrinkles, firming, toning, dullness, sun spots, pigmentation, environmental distress and much more it needs to be in the correct form to absorb into the skin and penetrate into the cells at those deeper layers. 

The topical application of a good stable L-ascorbic acid such as our ✨GLOW✨ serum produces a much higher concentration as much as 20 times more than if you were to take it orally.

Another beauty of this simple yet exquisite ingredient is if you were to stop its topical application, it showed that a significant amount of 🍊 Vitamin C remains in your skin for a few days.

Don't just take our words for it, below are just a few of many studies that have been published by the journal of American Academy of Dermatology, Bio Med Central and others.…/2009/…/090908203742.htm

Syllys of Switzerland

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