Silk & Satin Lipids™

$ 64.00
Size: 1oz/30ml

Stop and think of that luxurious feel of silk and satin fabric. SyllyS of Switzerland Silk & Satin Lipids™ is just that for your skin; smooth and soft, weightless, completely breathable, 100% natural. Exquisitely simple, versatile, and hard to argue with. 

What it is:
Restores replenishes and restructures the correct moisture balance of the skin. It effectively hydrates the skin surface, traps moisture in the skin, and aids in a faster recovery for skin that has been irritated by either a mild or intense exfoliating procedure. Continued use will also result in dramatic improvements in replenishing a number of skin lipids depleted due to age and environmental factors. Its light texture makes it ideal for men and will not clog pores to oily/acne skin.

Recommended Skin Types: For all skin types.

Total Volume: 1oz/30ml

 SyllyS of Switzerland Silk & Satin Lipids™ is a unique treatment with flexible usage:

1. For optimum benefits apply 1/2-1 pump of SyllyS of Switzerland Silk & Satin Lipids™ directly on clean skin  (face, neck,
décolletage & eye area) AM and PM. Apply sparingly a little goes a long way. Follow with appropriate SyllyS of Switzerland
moisturizer if necessary or for compounded benefits.

2. Silk & Satin Lipids™ may also be applied on top of your cream for extra protection and moisture.

Other Usage:
For a Dewy Look - Mix a few drops into your daily foundation or after applying your foundation dispense a few drops in
your hands and pat gently on top of makeup. Do not rub in.

Primer - This treatment can be use as a light foundation primer by applying it prior to foundation.

Eyes - If only treating eyes apply only 1 drop for both eyes and refer to face care application.

Neck & Décolleté - Refer to face care application.

SyllyS of Switzerland Silk & Satin Lipids™ is a translucent thin gel. Its light texture permits the gel to penetrate
instantaneously and therefore dries quickly. Unscented.

Cruelty Free • Paraben Free • Sulfate Free • Phthalates Free
• Synthetic Fragrance-Free • Synthetic Color-Free