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Skin Essential - Pure Non-GMO Organic Squalane

$ 48.00
SKU: SW-SE002-30
 Syllys of Switzerland’s “Skin Essential” is truly a universal skin treatment. With many key benefits, this is a great “Time Saver” treatment which anyone with any skin condition can use and benefit from. It can be perfect for your travels as this may be the only treatment you'll need to bring simplifying your beauty load.
 Our treatment is made of 100% pure non-GMO organic squalane derived from the very first cold pressing of only olives without any chemical extraction or intervention. Because our high-grade squalane mimics our body’s own natural moisture it absorbs into the skin within seconds without any lingering residue or greasiness. This direct delivery system allows this active ingredient to reach deep into your skin where it is needed most. 
 A natural antioxidant, age-fighting emollient, “Skin Essential” will moisturize the driest of skin types to acne prone skin types. Dry skin will feel moisturized leaving skin smooth and silky almost instantly while acne sufferers can benefit from the antibacterial properties and reduce excess oil production for a calmer and balanced complexion without the fear of clogging pores. In addition, it will act as a barrier and protect your skin from moisture loss while providing a shield from environmental toxins. Over time, using “Skin Essential” can help with reducing redness and irritation, reverse UV damage, lighten freckles and skin pigmentation, fight free radicals and diminish fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and scars.

Recommended Skin Types: For all skin types.
Total Volume: 1oz/30ml

Apply 1/2-1 pump to clean skin (face, neck, décolletage & eye area) AM and PM. Apply sparingly a little goes a long way.
Follow with appropriate SyllyS of Switzerland moisturizer if necessary or for compounded benefits.

Other Usage:
Eyes - Apply directly on eyes and ocular bone. It will effectively hydrate, soften, protect, repair, brighten and plump.
Safe for sensitive eyes. 

Neck & Décolleté - Apply on clean skin AM and PM. It will effectively hydrate, smooth and restore vitality to dull, tired,
lifeless skin.
It will protect and repair sun damaged, fine lines and wrinkles by promoting new healthy skin cells.

SyllyS of Switzerland Skin Essential is a translucent light oil. Its light texture allows the oil to penetrate instantaneously
and therefore dries quickly with no oily/greasy residue. Unscented.


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