Skin Essential - Universal Skin Treatment

$ 52.00

You do the things that light up your heart

Whether it's:
Flying your twin Cessna above the Rockies,
Surfing the Hawaiian waves,
or sweating the day off in a team sport with friends.

You’re equally as satisfied enjoying the sound of the river while volunteering for the veterans… relentlessly pursuing your passions without stress or worry, where the measure of unrestricted freedom is your unbridled joy and happiness.

No matter where you come across this individual, you can’t help but gravitate towards them.

What is it that captivates you? Is it that fascinatingly soft, smooth and radiant skin? The endless energy? Or simply the exuberant presence of the “joie de vivre”?

You don't have to gallivant all over the country to find yourself or capture the essence they carry...

Return to yourself with “Skin Essential”.

 What it is:
A weightless, non-comedogenic face oil made of 100% pure non-GMO organic Squalane derived from the very first cold press of only olives without any chemical extraction or intervention. “Skin Essential” is truly a universal skin treatment suitable for all skin types and conditions that adapts to your skin no matter the environment.  Perfect for your travels as this may be the only product you'll need ... true freedom. ;)

What it does:

 Multitasking for You Treat & Save More Time
* Mimics your body’s own natural moisture to instantly absorb leaving no greasiness * Face
* Acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss * Eyes
* Moisturize all skins
(dry, combination, sensitive, oily, acne)
* Neck
Balances excess oil * Décolleté (chest area)
Provides antibacterial properties that acne sufferers can benefit from * Body
Provides a shield from environmental toxins
(such as UV & free radical damage)
* Hair
* Regenerates skin and improves texture, toning, elasticity
* Smoothes skin & soften wrinkles
* Helps reduce signs of redness and irritation
* Can help with minimizing sun & age spots
* Helps with scarring
* Diminishes crow's feet
* Add shine, tame flyaways, split ends & frizz to hair

What a few of our Customers are Saying:

Recommended Skin Types: For all skin types.

Total Volume: 1oz/30ml

Apply a few drops to clean skin (face, neck, eyes & décolletage) AM and PM. Apply sparingly a little goes a long way.
Follow with appropriate SyllyS of Switzerland moisturizer if necessary or for compounded benefits.

Other Usage:
Eyes - Apply directly on eyes and ocular bone. It will effectively hydrate, soften, protect, repair, brighten and plump.
Safe for sensitive eyes. 

Neck & Décolleté - Apply on clean skin AM and PM. It will effectively hydrate, smooth and restore vitality to dull, tired,
lifeless skin.
It will protect and repair sun damaged, fine lines and wrinkles by promoting new healthy skin cells.

SyllyS of Switzerland Skin Essential is a translucent light oil. Its light texture allows the oil to penetrate instantaneously
and therefore dries quickly with no oily/greasy residue. Unscented.


                     Cruelty Free • Non-Gmo • Paraben Free • Sulfate Free
                    • Phthalates Free • Synthetic Fragrance-Free • Synthetic Color-Free