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Dewy Glow Gift Set - Our Best Sellers

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Size: w/ 30ml Cleanser

Syllys of Switzerland skincare uses clean minimum ingredients for optimum efficiency and provides simplified skincare routines to help you stay consistent. It's about simplifying our lives without compromising any level of performance.

Our products have a light consistency to absorb immediately into your skin producing efficient desired results. This direct delivery system allows active ingredients to reach deep into your skin where it is needed most. All serums, including most facial creams, can be used on face, eyes, neck, and décolleté eliminating the need to purchase a product for each area and simplifying your daily skincare routine.

DEWY GLOW GIFT SET - Our Best sellers
"illuminate, refresh, protect, hydrate, plump and correct moisture balance"

You need this luxe product in your life! This beautiful vitamin rich gel cleanser is gentle on the skin but tough enough to remove makeup. It is specially designed to thoroughly cleanse without stripping the skin. It soothes, helps slow the signs of aging, improves the appearance of wrinkles, preserves moisture, evens out skin tone and boosts radiance.

GLOW 30ml
Start treating your skin better with this amazing serum! Vitamin C is an essential ingredient to healthy, youthful looking skin. Every drop contains the anti-aging of unsaturated L-ascorbic acid, a superstar ingredient that is backed by the most clinical research of any form of Vitamin C. This powerful concentrated formula will not only protect your skin from environmental stress but is amazing for your face, eyes, neck and décolleté to improve skin’s fine lines/wrinkles, crows feet, firmness, elasticity, dark circles, puffiness and GLOW.

Silk & Satin Lipids™ 30ml
Stop and think of that luxurious feel of a silk and satin fabric. Syllys of Switzerland Silk & Satin Lipids™ is just that for your skin; smooth, soft, weightless, completely breathable, 100% natural. Exquisitely simple, versatile and hard to argue with. 

Silk & Satin Lipids™ can be used on face, eyes, neck and décolleté. There are so many ways to apply this product. It can be used on its own to provide instant light hydration, balance skin and improve barrier function.  It can be applied over a moisturizer or if you have oilier skin simply over your GLOW Serum to help seal in moisture and active ingredients. 

For those of us who use foundation this product provides an incredible radiant base for make-up application. You can even turn your foundation into a tinted moisturizer by mixing just a few drops of Silk & Satin Lipids™ with a bit of your foundation, and finally for that extra dewy look simply pat gently a few drops of Silk & Satin Lipids™ over your foundation. Whether you are acne, oily, normal, dry, dehydrated you just can't go wrong with Silk & Satin Lipids™.




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